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How to invest using
You must first become a fellow member to invest. You can make the first deposit after registration. You have to make all payments using the Membership Area. The user name and password you got when you were registering use to log in.
I want to contribute with only I do not own any e-currency:
Free Perfect Money score you are welcome to open here:
Free Ethereum, Bitcoin, Tether accounts are available for you to open here:
So how do I get an account?
It's pretty simple and easy. Click on this link, go through the registration form, and click "Register."
What electronic currencies do you receive?
We accept: Payer, Perfect Money, Ethereum, Bitcoin, Tether:
Free Perfect Money account you can open here:
Free Ethereum, Bitcoin, Tether account you can open here:
Can I withdraw money?
Verify your username and password to log in to your profile and read the Withdrawal section.
What time does it take to refill an account?
The account updates as quickly as your balance - right away
Do I have to change the email address or my password?
Enter your profile and press the "Edit Account" button. There you can reset the email address and your password. You need three configurators for cryptocurrencies.
How do I log in to my profile if I forgot my password?
Click on the "Forgot Password" link, enter your email address. Then you will get your current account information.
Is my daily profit paying directly into my foreign exchange account?
No, profits accumulate in your checking account, and you have to withdraw them immediately.
And how do you determine the interest payments on my score?
It depends on every plan. Interest adds daily to your balance, and at the end of every day, it gets put on your available score.
And how do you determine the interest payments on my score?
At the end of the period deposit, the funds will appear in the current account balance. At any time, you can request a full withdrawal or reinvestment from the account budget.
Can I make a direct deposit out of my credit balance?
Yes! Pay a deposit with your score. Just log into your account, press the "Top Up" button, and select "Top Up" from Radio Balance.
Is it possible for me to make an additional payment to the account after it opens?
You can do it. However, all the operations handle separately.
Once I request a withdrawal, when is it available in my currency deposit account?
Money usually becomes available in 32 business hours.
Can someone get a referral bonus? gives a referral bonus only to users that have active deposit.
How do I change the password?
To change your password directly from your user area, you can edit it in your private profile.
How can I miss out on money?
However, there are risks associated with entering all high-yield money-making programs. But there are a few easy ways that give you less chance of losing out more than you could afford. Align your investments with your financial goals. In other words, set aside money you may need for short-term investments. Reserve these investment funds from the money you intend to raise in the long term. Knowing that we are traders and investing members' money on core investments is very important for you.
Can I check the balance of my account?
You can access your account information 24 hours a day, online seven days per week.
Can I open multiple accounts with your program?
No. Because if we detect that the same member has multiple accounts, all of the funds become frozen.
So how could I waste it?
To spend the money, you must become a resident of first. As soon as you sign up, you can make of your first expenses. It is necessary to make all expenditures using the Area Member. Enter using the username and password you received when you registered.
By whom are the funds managed?
Group of investment specialists manage the funds.

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